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Author: Drake, Robert M.

Number Of Pages: 147

Details: each person will feel things their own way. each person will hurt the only way they know how. will love… the only way they've been taught to love. not everyone will see things the way you do. feel things the way you do. and you can't force your beliefs on people either because that's not love. that's not having compassion for other people. we all have our own right to see the world with our own eyes, therefore, understanding is key. and I don't mean saying it, saying you understand someone without putting yourself in their shoes. without respecting their views. you have to really know yourself and your environment to understand why people are the way they are. you have to go through enough pain to keep your heart open. to be compassionate towards other people. understanding is key and not everyone will understand you and that's okay. but the point is, to remember how all of us are different and try to understand that not all of us are meant to be the same. and you should never believe you understand it all because believe me, there will always be something to learn. there will always be something that will take your breath away. something that will make you question everything—your own beliefs and your own way of thinking. people, things and places, like life, are always evolving and you must evolve with them… if you ever want a fair shot in accepting your flaws and the flaws of other people. and before I finish, I just want you to know... that the beauty of it all is this, the more you understand people the better you will understand yourself. from the known and to the depths of your soul... people will always shape you. all that you are is all you've experienced with them. and dont ever forget... that the people you love will always have a piece of your heart. they will always be with you… no matter what.

Release Date: 18-05-2019

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